Seema to Har Ki Dun

I wasn’t quite sure if I would be in any shape to hike the next morning but when I woke up, I wasn’t at all sore! We had alu parathas and tea for breakfast and set off. This was a day of fabulous views everywhere we looked. It started off with crossing a suspension bridge, then climbing up a steep ascent. From here, it was mostly flat or a gentle uphill trail with gorgeous mountain views. We saw our first dramatic views of snowcapped mountains in the distance.

P1020762 P1020766 P1020785 P1020809

The first half of the day went really well, after which I started tiring and going slow. We were getting a ton of elevation gain, more than 3,000 feet in a day! We stopped for lunch next to a waterfall. There were a bunch of people stopped there.


When we started off, I found that I was not at all refreshed from the break. Every step was difficult and I had no idea how I’d be walking for the next 3-4 hours. The air was thinner at this elevation and it was taking its toll. The rest of the day was yet another death march until I finally staggered into Har Ki Dun. I want to say that all the pain and effort was worth it except that it was all I could do to stagger into the guesthouse and lie down, curled up in the blanket. I would enjoy the views the next day – our rest day up in the mountains.