Back to Seema, Taluka and Sankri

The remaining two days were spent descending back down the mountain. I had thought that this would be far easier, and it was, but some of the downhill sections were absolutely brutal on the knees. And no matter what, the distances were long and walking on rocks for hours was tough on the ankles and knees. I was exhausted at the end of each day. We pretty much retraced our steps back along the same trail and spent the first night at Seema, then went down to Taluka the next day and got a taxi back to Sankri when we were done.


P1020896 P1020924



P1020941 P1020943

No matter how exhausted I was though, I was definitely elated to have successfully finished the hike. They say some people just give up and turn around! I also felt sad at leaving the mountains and resolved to return again and do some more hikes. Except I would actually get into good shape for them and train hard before I attempted the Himalayas again.