Garmin mind-fuckery…

To be filed under the “Why I adore my Garmin Zumo so” section. Today I plugged the Zumo in while leaving work, only to find that it wanted to speak another language. Observe.

First off:


Uhh… no. Not really.

And then:

P1000830 P1000832 P1000831

But I could at least continue to listen to music all the way home.


I rebooted and it fixed itself. Why it chose to crap out is anyone’s guess. The weather perhaps?


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GPS mount miracle…

I finally got the time to plug my new battery into the SV (yes, it’s been that kind of week at work). Bike started up just fine, of course. If it dies overnight, we’ll know that it wasn’t the battery at fault.

I got an extra bonus present as well. My Garmin GPS mount had gone AWOL last month – GPS refused to charge in the mount no matter what. And the mount on the XT was frakked as well – the GPS kept rebooting. I was righteously pissed off and gave Garmin an earful. Two mounts gone bad in a month with no way to fix them except for replacing them. At $60 even with my corporate discount, this was *not* a great option. They grumbled and sent me a replacement because one of the mounts’ warranty had expired a day before. And lo and behold, the mount on the XT miraculously started working two weeks ago. Today as I started to swap out the SV’s mount, I decided on a lark to just test it out – and voila! It was working like nothing had happened.

So now I have two working mounts on both bikes, and an extra mount that I never needed to use. I have an inkling that maybe the hot, sunny weather might have something to do with it and some moisture in some housing dried out completely, allowing the circuit to complete. Whatever it might be, yay! I’m keeping the extra mount handy though. Knowing Garmin’s crap quality and astonishingly bad design, I’m sure I’ll be needing it sooner rather than later.

Or maybe I’ll get a third bike to put the mount on. Yes, that seems like a very reasonable course of action.


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