Landed in Lebanon …

My 3 hour layover turned out to be slightly less as they decided to fly out earlier (!). The plane – a Cessna – turned out to be the smallest one I’ve been in, outside of a small one I flew for 15 minutes in Portland, OR many years ago, and the air ambulance back from the Yukon last year when I was slightly more uhhh… Strapped in and supine.

It was rather charming and old world to get into a small plane that vroomed through cloudy skies high above impossibly green country. With a little imagination, I could very well pretend that I was in pre-WW1 times.

I felt slightly tired and worn out and disinclined to chat by the time we landed. Red eye flights really are rather hard on you and I’m not sure the saving of one day and a little money was worth it.

I’ve got to say that writing longer blog posts on the Samsung i760 is not too bad at all. The full QWERTY keyboard really helps. The only downside is that the battery gets depleted far sooner than I like.

I am now sitting in an Irish pub in Lebanon with my childhood friend whom I haven’t met in 8 years. We drove through charming, winding country roads to get here. The weather is perfect as was my lunch of roast beef and horseradish sandwich with homemade chips and an orange cream soda.

We are going to get coffees and go for a walk and catch up on the past 8 years. So far life is good. I think I like beng on vacation.

Heading out to Lebanon …

Slept through the flight to Lebanon too, thank heavens. Got in to Boston Logan at around 9AM local time – still around 6AM PST.

I had to go to another terminal to catch the Cape Air flight to Lebanon so I decided to take the airport shuttle. As I walked outside to the stop, I saw a bus stop with destinations like New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island and the realization sunk in -I’m in New England! I’m in BOSTON! :) Can’t hardly wait to ge out of the airports!

I have a 3+ hour layover before the next flight and I feel tired. The blaring TVs and strange people all around are a bit much to deal with. It’ll be good to catch a bit of a nap later today.

It appears that the Cape Air flight is a 9 person flight – quaint! – and they are waiting for 5 more passengers to show up to get us out earlier. Here’s hoping.

Some last pre-journey words…

I leave tomorrow night on the red-eye to Lebanon, New Hampshire, with no less than two connections (one at Cleveland and another at Boston). I will arrive in Lebanon at 1:25PM (east coast time) where an old childhood friend will pick me up. I might go pick up my bike from Lebanon Motorsports and ride it to her place. I’ll hang out with her part of the weekend and start the big ride on Sunday heading up north towards Montreal.

I don’t have all of the details of the route planned yet, just the first few days where I plan on seeing most of New England, riding some good roads, and stopping at cool little towns, maybe even doing the occassional tourist thing. I hope to be in Ohio on the 31st after which I start heading back out west. You would think that with one month off, I will have all the time in the world to ride without feeling rushed, but I’m sure reality will be far different. On the way I hope to meet many old friends. :)

Assuming my various devices work as they should and I have cell phone coverage, I will post on here as often as I can.

That is all. Thanks for coming along on the ride! :)