Shopping list… (morphed to Alaska shopping post)

[More Post-dating.]

I thought I’d list all the bike-related stuff I need to pay for this summer, and now I’m depressed. :(

Must Have
GS rear brake pads $35
New tires for GS (2 sets, one street, one knobby) $300 (one free from Seattle Cycle, I hope)
Extra gear shifter, brake lever, clutch lever, tubes for GS $$
Gerbing battery harness for heated vest for GS – $8
Heated grips for GS – Just need installation

Want to Have
Aftermarket rear shock for SV $400
Braided steel line for SV ~ $50 – Needs installation
Air bag for helmet $45 – Changed my mind about this
Helmet medical information carrier system (fancy term for a sticker pouch for the helmet) $9
Action camera $100
Camera mounts for both bikes – Helmet mount works fine.
Ridewest BMW/PSS 2-day Adventure Camp $375 (If I could have just taken the dirtbike class and saved my money, I’m going to be very, very pissed off.)
Trollhaugen $89
Trackdays – 1-2/month $200 each – not a priority at the moment

Nice to Have
GPS unit $500? Have to buy this week
Humvee graphics – Got over it.
Slip-on pipe and jet kit for SV ? – Not a priority at this time.

New additions
– Liners for Zega boxes. Some options are this (OMG expensive!),  this (better) or this (don’t like the size and would be harder to place into the bag). I need to measure out the boxes when I get home too. I *think* they are the 40 liter ones, but I’m not 100% sure. (Handy Thread Link)
– A bunch of ni-MH batteries

– Map route on Streets and Trips and decide where I want to be at the end of every day
– Print out maps and laminate them
– Get Canadian visa (this week)
– Get immigration paperwork sorted out, call border crossing offices and talk to lawyer (this week)
– Put together toolkit and make sure I have everything I need to take apart everything on the bike
– Practice taking tires off and patching/replacing tubes
– Practice using all the thingumajigs I’ve bought for the trip
– Get clothes sorted out

Only three more weeks!! O.O *eek*