I’m home…

I am HOME!!!!!!!  :D

I feel rad! Well, as rad as one might be expected to feel with a broken arm. :)

Returning this way wasn’t quite what I had expected or quite the triumphant return I had envisioned and I’m certain that at some point I will break down when this sinks in completely, but all in all, there’s no place like home.

And… I am back from my grand adventure where I rode through Alaska, the Yukon and British Columbia doing 3200 miles over 14 days, did five border crossings, was chased by police in two countries, rode the Alaskan and Cassiar highways through blinding sunshine and crashing thunderstorms, over perfectly paved roads, gravel, and thick sludgy mud; I saw snow capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, muddy rivers, evergreen trees of every known kind, grizzlies and black bears prowling the desolate highways, elks and moose, porcupines and lemmings, soaring great bald eagles; I camped out in barns and police station lawns, stayed at a genuine Alaskan hunter/trapper’s cabin where the air was so still you could hear your own breath, and every petal of every flower gleamed with a water droplet; I rode through town after little town, met scores of interesting people and yes a few cute guys, including other bikers like me who were up there chasing the same dream and indeed there were times when it felt as if I were flying through a dream. I rode the Ride. I lived the dream. I lived.