New boot woes…

The good news is that after a month of waffling, I finally decided on which new boots I wanted and got the Frey-Daytona Ladystar GTX ones – handmade in Germany, they say. They look really good – even better than on the website. There is a sort of inner leather boots, in addition the outer boot. There have lots of velcro and zippers to adjust them to your calf size. They feel stiff in all the right areas. And most importantly, the sole is thick enough that it increases by height by at least 11/2 inches. I’m planning to add a Dr. Scholl’s lining which is another cm thick.

The bad news is – I wore them for the first time today to ride them to work, and I had a hell of a time shifting gears. The front part of the boot is at least an inch thick and re-inforced on top, so I had trouble getting it under the shift lever and figuring out whether the heck it actually did shift up, having to relying solely on the sound to confirm it – good thing I wasn’t wearing earplugs. I made a complete ass of myself out on a busy street with struggling to shift gears, and waffling between 1st, 2nd and neutral over and over, when I should have been in 4th. So this is what I looked like when I was a n00b. :| I think I’ll call Helimot today and ask them if there is a trick to this that I am completely missing. I’m afraid they are only going to tell me though that I’ll get adjusted to it in time. :|

(Once I do get adjusted to the new boots, it’d be time to sell the old Oxstars methinks. They are pretty good boots, although used and a bit scuffed. How on earth does the right toe get scuffed anyway? O.o)

Edit: Adjusting the shift lever did the trick!