I can has new gear?

For no reason at all, I’ve been looking though the internet to see what kind of retro looking motorcycle jackets are out there. Searching for a good quality jacket in women’s sizes is always an exercise in disappointment, so I was a little surprised to find at least two candidates. Hmm… decisions decisions.

Go ahead – vote for one.

REVIT_Womens_CR_Leather_Jacket_zoom   2008_Alpinestars_Womens_Stella_Six_3_Leather_Jacket_Black_White

And while I was at it, I looked up helmets too. I’ve worn solid helmets for as long as I’ve been riding and I’d really like a change. I dislike most of the graphics on regular helmets though. Suomi seems to have been the only brand that made nice looking designs, but you cannot get them anymore. I did think this Arai looked a bit retro and would match either of the jackets rather well. Thoughts?


I haven’t had new riding gear for at least 3+ years and my current silver Arai I’ve been wearing for maybe 2 years, so I don’t feel like I’d be splurging too much by picking up something new.