Bike update…

J. and I worked on the bike on Sunday and replaced the stock brake lines with braided steel, and put on a new chain and sprockets.

We were going to adjust the manual cam chain tensioners, but the rear tensioner was next to impossible to get to. We decided to order automatic tensioners and replace the manual ones, which I’m going to try and sell to someone at WMRRA. I left the bike in the shop to get that done.

We load tested the battery and it turns out to be perfectly fine! I left the Gorilla alarm disconnected all of last week and the battery never ran dry, so I think I found my electrical gremlin.

Things that need doing while the bike is in the shop:
– Fix the dent in the gas tank a little bit (two whole years later!)
– Install knee grips on the tank
– Reduce alarm sensitivity
– Swap out cam chain tensioners
– Clean/replace fuel meter (this was behind the gas light always staying maddeningly on or blinking even with a full tank)
– Install K&N air filter which will last the life of the bike
– Adjust clutch lever position as much as possible to decrease the reach
– Raise the bike to the highest position on the lowering link
– Replace various stripped out bolts, especially in the seat/battery area :P

After I get it back, I am thinking about finally getting to the suspension upgrade. I will most likely replace the rear shock with a gixxer shock, install a cartridge emulator for the forks and maybe try a heavier fork oil. I have to ride down to GP Suspension in Kent to talk to Barry and get his opinion on exactly how to set the bike up for a person of my weight. Right now the ride is so rough and scary that I balk at riding it over longer distances. I know that I’m subconsciously comparing the suspension to that of the GS and it’s never going to be that good, but I’d like to get as close to it as possible.

If I have any money left over, I’m going to try and upgrade the Givi windshield to an A 750 model, replace the cracked headlight assembly, get nicer looking turn signals, possibly fix the rusting dent on the tank and who knows maybe even paint a nice stripe down the center.

And in my final act of extravagance, I *might* splurge on a Rich’s custom seat. That’s a huge might, we’ll see.