Bringing her back home.

Yesterday Oleg and I borrowed our friend Dmitry’s truck and drove up north to Sumas to pick up the SV. It was sitting in the gas station I had left it in. We loaded it up quickly, secured it and took off, making only a short break at McDonald’s for some roadtrip food. It was a long 5+ hour journey and I am so grateful to him for driving the whole way. I will be happy if I never see Sumas or that stretch of I-5 or Hwy 9 for a very long time.

I haven’t looked at the SV since we parked it. I simply do not have the mental space to deal with it or fix it now. It will have to wait until I return in September.

On the way, Oleg and I talked about various things, the one main thing that stuck in my mind was trying my hand at racing either vintage bikes or supermoto, the latter being something that a lot of guys are gravitating towards these days seeing as the trackdays are a lot cheaper ($40/day) and the speeds are slower and hence a bit safer than sportbike trackdays/racing. This has always been at the back of my mind for a little while, although I don’t really know if I have the mechanical know-how, money or support system to get into racing. I’ll see.

I took this as a sign that in spite of the last few entries, maybe my enthusiasm for riding hasn’t waned and my hating the riding in BC was more of a glitch than a sign that my motorcycling days have come to an end.

I am beginning to look forward to being in Europe next week.