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On my motorcycling wishlist –

– New tires – more like a necessity than a wish unfortunately :(
– A Gorilla alarm (or possibly an alarm+immobiliser)
– A chain + padlock
– A tail bag (still not sure whether I’m getting hard luggage or just a soft bag that bungees on)
– Heated grips
– A Bagster tank cover
– Modulating headlights
– Those blinky high-vis tail-lights
– A center stand

Of course on the other hand, I wonder if there’s any point in investing so much money into a bike that I’m planning to sell next season anyway. It’s really an amazing bike, but I’ve caught myself looking longingly at every passing BMW so often now, that I think I’m just going to have to get one of those next year. If I still have the racing bug after doing a few track days this year, I’ll probably just get a really cheap, sportsbike and fix it up.