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The Global “Women Who Ride” Project


Hello, would you like to be a part of the “Global Women Who Ride” project? :) My aim with this ambitious new project is to highlight women motorcyclists across the globe and provide an insight into what a motorcycle rider in another country looks like, what she loves about riding in her particular part of the planet, and what commonalities and differences there are in her riding experiences vs. those of other riders.

I would love to cover a woman rider from every country across the planet.These riders will be featured in my blog on a regular basis and who knows, hopefully also be a part of a full-color coffee table book (either self-published or the real deal if I can find a publisher). [Note: I also have a sub-project to cover a woman from every state in the United States! And perhaps more such sub-projects set in other large countries like Canada, Australia and Russia if I get enough participants from there.]

The kinds of people I am looking to profile are – people who identify as women and are passionate about motorcycling. It doesn’t matter what you ride – street, dual sport, dirt, trials, stunt bikes, trikes, sidecars etc, are also welcome. The more diversity the better! I would also love a variety of experiences, passions, stories, ages, appearances, abilities etc. :) No experience is too small or unimportant! More than one person per country/area is ok too!

I anticipate that participation in the project will take up 1-2 hours of your time where you fill out a questionnaire and email it back to me with a few high quality photographs of you with your bike. I will then follow that up with personalized questions to learn more about the participant and any interesting experiences she has to share.

If you are not fluent in English, please don’t let that discourage you! We will try our best to make it work by finding an interpreter. I’m especially keen on finding women who diverge from the ones we typically see in Western motorcycling media. I also have access to a lot of people who speak languages other than English who could help with translation. I am also keen on publishing interviews in the speaker’s native language as well as English.

How you can help:
1. If you are a female rider who would like to be a part of this project, please contact me at womenwhoride@adventuresinfinite.com.

2. If you know of a female rider in your country/area or another country/area who you think would be a good candidate for this project, please connect her to me as well.

3. If there are regional motorcycle forums where this is likely to be seen by more people, please cross-post a link to my blog post on there [http://www.adventuresinfinite.com/2014/01/08/the-global-women-who-ride-project] OR ask them to email me directly at womenwhoride@adventuresinfinite.com.

Since this project has gotten such a big response, I might not be able to chase down people who are recommended to me. I’d really appreciate it if they could contact me directly.

Please read more info about the motivations behind and the end goals of this project here: http://www.adventuresinfinite.com/2014/01/09/more-info-about-the-global-women-who-ride-project.

(Image courtesy of this Tumblr blogger.)