Memorial Day photos…

After the previous two gloomy posts, here’s a more cheery one. Photos from my 4 day Memorial Day weekend to the Pacific Ocean and along Columbia River. I cannot do the long writeup I intended on account of fractured finger, but photos under the cut!

My route was roughly:

Day 1: Bellevue -> Centralia -> Elma -> Aberdeen -> Pacific Beach -> Copalis Beach
Day 2: Copalis Beach -> Cosmopolis -> Astoria
Day 3: Astoria -> Longview (via Hwy 4) -> Castle Rock -> Mt. St. Helen’s -> Toledo -> Morton
Day 4: Morton -> Elbe -> Parkland -> Bellevue

Overall only a little over 600 miles and change (including seven Destination Highways). I was sick most of Saturday and Sunday so I couldn’t ride as much as I had hoped to.

Just a week ago… those were happy times…

All loaded up and just starting out.

The SV in Astoria. For some reason i really like this photo.

Astoria coffeehouse

Astoria Bridge in the background

On the Destination Highway from Seaview to Longvew along the Columbia river

View from the top of the Mt. St. Helen’s ride

The green room of the St. Helen’s manorhouse where I slept. (reputed to be haunted. Full story here.)

Okay so it’s a little immature. :P

The weekend was replete with twisties. :)

The rest of the pictures can be found here.


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