Today in Hanover…

Got off to a really late start today – 8AM PST but a horribly late 11AM in East Thetford, VT. Woke up and re-organized my stuff into my saddle bags and tail pack so that it’s ready to go tomorrow.

My friend and I then drove over to Hanover to see the street fest. I got to see Dartmouth College, the school that she’s been at for 9 years getting a PhD and doing post doctoral studies.

It was a pretty hot day but the festival was fun and lively and it was good to be outdoors. I ate buckwheat crepes for the first time. The taste was odd at first but the spinach, goat cheese and caramelized onions made up for it.

Afterwards, we drove to Quichee gorge and walked down to the water’s edge. The water feet wonderfully refreshing as we dipped our feet in. :)

Then for ice cream in sugar cones – black raspberry for me.

When we got home, I decided to conect the cable for my Slime air compressor on to the battery. When I tested it out though, it didn’t work! I heard a brief clicking sound after which it died. This time the fuse looked intact but it didn’t matter. :| I guess this POS is going back to Seattle with Sterling’s duffel bag.

The day came to an end too quickly. We ate quesadillas for dinner and looked a old childhood photos and giggled as we tried to remember old classmates’ names. She has a significantly better memory than I do.

As an aside, the beet accident from yesterday appears to have hosed my Panasonic Lumix camera battery’s charger. :| I am a little aggravated at this as the battery is a special li-ion one with a proprietary charger. The only thing I can think of is to order one online and have it shipped to a place that I am definitely going to be at on my route.