Bike report…

Checked out the BMW this evening and it looked and sounded good. It has a *lot* of really good aftermarket accessories as mentioned in the ad. The height was impossible for me, seeing as I could barely even tippy-toe it, so there’s no way I’m riding it without first lowering it via lowering links and shaving the seat. I’m still a bit ehhh about the color and wish it were any color but that, but I suppose I need to suck it up and let that go. Who knows – after taking it out on the trail a couple of times, there might not be very much paint left on it after I’m done with it.

To summarize the stuff that will need to get done:
1. New chain and sprockets
2. New rear brake pads
3. Different set of tires – he had knobbies on, which have about 2500 miles left on them, and I don’t think I want to be riding those on the street. Maybe replace them with Metzlers that are good on street and okay on dirt
4. Lowering links
5. Have Rich shave the custom seat down a bit to fit me

We’re talking at least $500 worth of expense outside of the cost of bike+taxes. He’s asking for $5750 OBO and I’m hoping to start the bidding at $5200 and settle on $5500.

Of course this means living on bread and water for the rest of the year, but should be well worth it.

Edit: KBB quotes $5180 for the bike without any accessories on it.


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