Stopped for lunch at Conway, NH

I managed to get an early start this morning and got out on Lyme Rd. Headed towards the White Mountain Forest Park. The road was gorgeous and winding but also badly pitted and cracked from harsh winter which didn’t make it much fun to ride.

Around 11AM I reached the beginning of the Kankamagus Hwy and stopped to get fuel at Lincoln. The highway as nice although very trafficky-y.

I noticed that helmetless Harley riders don’t wave very much.

I am not very happy with my luggage setup. So far I took both my Camelbak backpack and waistpack off and stuck it on the back because I just couldn’t move around much on the bike. I alo tok off the tinted strip on my helmet visor because I felt like it blocked my vision.

I am still trying to get used to being back on the bike. My arm hurts where the break happened last year and I find myself wincing a lot when I use it Hopefully it will fade soon.

Now I am in a charming litte cafe in Conway eating a Philly Steak with kettle cooked chips. Outside of the pain, life is good.