Some more photos from the AMA photoshoot…

Ever since I started riding four years ago, I’ve wanted some nice photos of me with my bikes, but never actually got around to getting them taken. You know how it is – you go out on solo rides and ask random people to take your picture and after you’ve thanked them and they walked away and you actually look at the picture they took, all you can do is sigh and hope you have better luck the next time. I’ve often thought of scheduling a photoshoot with one of my photographer friends and have them take some good pictures, but every weekend that the weather seemed nice enough to do this, I decided go riding instead of standing around the bike and looking pretty. :P

So I guess I was a little pleased that the AMA scheduled a real photoshoot with an excellent local photographer, Cory Parris, so they could get a picture to go with the article I wrote. (Well okay, I was a bit peeved that none of the pictures I took on my ride weren’t good enough. :P). Cory was fantastic to work with and he took some really outstanding photos. The light wasn’t very good on the day that we picked, but he worked around it and got some really good images.

I posted some of the ones I liked in this post. I wish these had been in the magazine instead of the one they went with because you can actually see my bike in them. Oh well, at least I have these to look back at and send home to mum. :)