Rolling hills, pouring rains, hailstorms, flaming tetherballs… oh my!

Rolled back into town a couple of hours ago. Too late to do a writeup, but I did manage to upload photographs. The highlights are posted under the cut. Try and connect the dots. :)

This is my favorite one out of the best ride I’ve done in Oregon.

All photos here: And some under the cut.

The route as it turned out…

Day 1: East Washington, Central Oregon

The first rest stop… :P

Ukiah to Kimberly to Dayville to Bend to Crescent to Dexter

Freak hailstorm!

Day 3: Dexter

A BMW HP2. Now I know what my GS is going to look like soon. ;D

Day 4: Eugene to Portland to Seattle

At my favorite Cuban restaurant in Portland – Pambiche

Mmm… maduros…