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Quick update…

1. I just got a huge box of parts from Bike Bandit, so I guess I will be busy installing/upgrading stuff on the bike soon. My Yoshimura exhaust isn’t here yet, so I might hold off until I get it and dedicate one day to be Bike Fixerupper day.

2. I placed wanted ads on Craigslist, ADVRider and the F650 forums for a used seat for a 2005 F650CS, the bike that I will ride in Europe this summer. No responses yet, which isn’t entirely surprising.

3. I have a dream route in place for the Europe ride. As with all motorcycle routes, it’s pretty optimistic for a 30 day ride.

4. The SV’s battery died last night and I needed a jump this morning to get her on the road. This is getting to be irksome.

5. I give up on the Corbin seat I got for the SV a couple of weeks ago. It is lower and harder than the stock seat and makes the bike extremely uncomfortable to ride. It’s harder to touch the ground and to reach the handlebars. So I’m back with my stock seat. It’s starting to rip, but I reckon I can probably get it recovered and call it good.

6. I am plagued with Zumo charging issues and am trying to figure out if it’s the unit or the mount. Most likely both, with my luck.