Nightfall in Cumberland…

Got a late start again this morning on account of being up late editing photos, writing blog entries and poring over maps last night. The breakfast at the B&B was cold cereal and coffee, which was a bit disappointing, to say the least.

Got out on the road and took US2 (yay!) out to Burlington. It was a mere 30 miles but super nice riding through rural farmlands. Compared to the ride, noisy, bustling Burlington was a bit of a shock. I parked the bike in a motorcycle parking section downtown, chained my riding gear to the bike, and walked to Church St., the main street downtown. It looked a little like Pike Place Market does on a weekend. Lots of shops, people and noise. The camera shop – my raison d’etre for being there – was closed as it was a Monday (!).

I got a quick lunch (a crepe again!) at a roadside stand and followed it up with a Ben and Jerry’s orange cream ice cream cone. I think I ate too much because I felt really full for the next hour.

I had heard that Burlington was a cool little university town and I’m sure it is if you know where to go and what to see, but sadly the coolness escaped me. I was glad to get out of there, especially after getting lost on the way out in spite of my GPS.

I got back on US2 and headed north west. My intention was to go north through the islands to Champlain and then south towards the Adirondacks where I would camp. I’d had enough of living in cities and was craving some peace and quiet.

Going over the bridge over Lake Champlain was gorgeous, not unlike going over the 520 bridge in Washington. ;) A little while after, I saw a sign for a ferry that crossed over into New York. I followed the sign and made it to the ferry dock just as it was leaving. The ferry ride was a whopping 12 minutes long.

I got off the ferry and stopped at the first campground I saw – Cumberland Bay State Park. I hit the jackpot as I got huge campsite with view of the lake for $19.

It was so hot out that when I got to my campsite I took my gear off on the cool grass in the shade and just lay there.

I decided to set up camp and then go out for a ride, this time with my cooling vest on.

I rode south on 9 through Plattsburg, Valour and Ausuble. It was a nice, relaxed, gorgeous ride and I as a little thrilled to be riding through abitof the Adirondacks. Ausuble chasm in particular was unbelievably beautiful. For some reason, I was the only one there, which made it even better.

Many pictures and side jaunts later, I rode back to camp, stopping at a gas station on th way to pick up some chili, baked beans, a couple of bananas and some banana bread.

I heated up the chili on my camp stove and ate it quickly so I could go watch the sunset from the beach.

Night fell quickly and cold. I’m now warm in my sleeping bag, ready for another good night’s sleep. :)