Milford Sound, New Zealand Mar13


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Milford Sound, New Zealand

I had originally planned to stay in Queenstown for two nights but extended it to three when I saw that the third day was going to be rainy. Rather than be stuck indoors all day, I booked a bus tour to Milford Sound. I had originally planned to ride there but I’d read that it was always rainy there, plus it was a loooong way going there and back. Rather than spend four days getting to there, I figured a one day bus tour would be sensible.

I had to catch the bus at the absurd hour of 6:30 AM. It had huge viewing windows and a glass roof. In hindsight, it sucked a little bit to have taken the bus because I kept feeling sluggish and tired all day rather than alert and active like I am when I ride. But we did cover a huge distance and I could just relax and take in the scenery.

The Fjordland National Park scenery was fantastic, with its huge towering mountains on every side. It would have been pretty cool to have ridden that highway. The cruise itself was fine. I guess after seeing the fjords in Norway it was less than impressive? I shouldn’t compare though. It was a very pretty place and I’m glad I got to experience it.


The cruise ship



Sailing through the fjord


Some seals sunning themselves on rocks. :)



The view behind us.



Massive towering mountains in all directions!


On the way back they played my favorite movie The World’s Fastest Indian and I enjoyed it in a whole new way after having been in NZ for a while. I do wish I could go to Invercargill and see his museum but it’s not in the cards. The movie was so great although this time around I found myself not really liking the caricatures of the Native American man and the trans-woman he meets on the road. They could have been so much better written. The rest of the movie, especially all the motorcycling bits were gold. I wonder if the real life Burt Munro was this cool of a guy.