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Latest Score – Bike vs. Me 3:0

This morning I dropped the bike again for the third time this week, this time while getting out of the driveway of my building. I needed to turn left downhill and was stopped waiting for the road to clear. Only I was resting my weight on the downhill part instead of uphill and within a few seconds I felt the bike slipping away from me. I think I tried to stop it for a couple of seconds then let go. What I should have done is to accelerate across and get into the opposite building’s parking lot. Or something.

In any case, I lay there for a couple of minutes with my leg trapped under it feeling like a prat. A passing car stopped and two guys helped lift it off of me and bring it back to my parking spot. I was going to ride it anyway, but realized that the clutch lever had broken off – the handguard wasn’t positioned correctly to protect it.

I was going to ride the SV, but I was so ticked off that I just went back in, changed and rode the bus instead. It was probably a good idea because the gridlock on 520 was insane and it took a whole hour to get to work instead of the usual 20 minutes.

Here’s hoping I can find a replacement lever before this weekend, in time for the Adventure Camp.

So thus far, the score is 3:0 with the bike winning. I’ve got a pulled muscle on my side and a bruise on my leg from Sunday, while the bike’s got a broken lever and not much other damage. Of course, I also feel like a complete n00b and not someone with 3 years of riding experience.

No, I’m still being stubborn and trying not to think about the kouba links.