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Kuta, Indonesia


We took a return boat from Gili Trawangan to Kuta. Here our group separated into two. Three of us checked into a small villa in Legian which was adequate to say the least. We checked in, left our bags and went out to get lunch with our friends. I got some duck that was surprisingly tasty!

After this, we dawdled quite a bit looking at little tourist shops looking for souvenirs. In hindsight, this was a big mistake. We should have headed out to the beach as soon as we could. However, all the photos I had seen of the beaches were crowded and full of tourists and not something I was super interested in seeing. By the time we found our way to the beach, darkness was falling. We crossed a last busy street before going around a wall to the beach and…. my jaw dropped open when I saw a beach that stretched for miles, the water churning in the distance, crowned by the most fantastic sunset I had ever seen. A sunset in Bali has to be seen to be experienced. Everything about that place and time was magical – the fiercely bright colors in the sky, the sand that stretched out as far as the eyes could see, the distance lights of the city on the other side, the few lingering people dotted here and there, all of us witnessing this marvel.

At that moment I kicked myself for having only one night in Legian and swore that I would be back to fully experience this place again.