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Inching towards Memorial Day weekend…

Getting ready to go to bed. I’m taking the day off tomorrow for a slightly longer long weekend. We are starting off super-early – around 8:00 AM – to leave for the Palouse. Yes, I did indeed say “we”. As part of my effort to try and be social, for the first time ever I am doing a long ride with other riders. I’ll report back on how well that worked out.

Here’s our intended route:

[Windows Live Local Route]  [.est file]

Tomorrow we will ride through the Palouse in east Washington and possibly stay at Pullman/Moscow for the night, or if we have the energy, push on south towards Enterprise in Oregon. On Saturday we ride back west through John Day park and towards Eugene. Fifteen miles south of this is Dexter, where we’re camping for the next two nights on someone’s land. Monday morning we ride back to Seattle.

They predict rain for all four days. The less I say about that now, the better.

Hope everyone has a good long weekend. Stay out of trouble!