I’m in Columbus, OH!

I made a marathon effort and rode from Gettysburg, PA to Columbus, OH going through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio in 400 miles. I also went through a bad rainstorm where I got totally drenched.  Then proceeded to dry out completely in the next 200 miles. The traffic at least kept moving and I could keep going a steady 70-70mph to make time. My Zumo 550 chose this moment to freeze up on me, adding another dimension to my stress level. I did a hard reboot by taking out the battery after which it worked, but it happened again. This worries me and I wonder how much of a recurring issue it is going to be for the rest of the ride. Riding slab for 200+ miles without music was not pleasant, and I still have the Great Plains to go through. :|


I didn’t realize how far I was riding and no wonder I feel so exhausted today. The thought of getting back on the bike and riding the freeway again is not very appealing. :| I have to make it to Ypsilanti, Michigan today which is about half the distance I rode today.