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Helge Pedersen @ RideWest BMW

From RideWest BMW’s events calendar:

An Adventure Debriefing by Helge Pedersen

After 3 months on the road covering 14,500 miles, on a Ride that started in Seattle and ended at the Southern most tip of South America, GlobeRiders founder Helge Pedersen returned to Seattle a couple of months ago while his BMW R1200GS Adventure 2009 model came the slow way, on a cargo ship from Tierra del Fuego.

This Saturday, June 12th at 10am, Helge and his traveling mate, Vincent Cummings, will do a debrief of their adventure at Ride West BMW. No pictures, no video, but a pure hands on run through of what worked and what did not work. With his fully packed bike, Helge will go through all issues from mechanical to logistical issues

If you want to learn something about packing and outfitting for your own touring bike, come and be part of the teardown of this GlobeRiders Expedition to Tierra del Fuego. Bring a notepad and 2 hours to participate in this hands on Free Seminar. You do need a reservation! Please call (206) 527-5511 to get your name on the list.