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Front tire ordered…

I finally got around to ordering a new front tire for the SV – a Michelin Pilot Power Road 170/60 to match the rear that I put on in Cody, WY last August. I assumed that the tire was okay and just a bit squared off because I could see tread, but it miserably failed the Lincoln head penny test, so I’m glad I got it done sooner rather than later. I was a little amazed to find that Eastside Motorsports had the tire for a paltry $95 – the same price as MotorcycleSuperstore.com. Good job on them to match online competition! Saves me the time of ordering online and they get my business.

I’m taking the bike to Fluid Suspension Science this weekend to have Dave Alexander take a look at why it’s riding so rough. The front end is really “bouncy” so that if you push down on it, it comes back up and bounces, rather than staying up. This is greatly amplified when I ride on rough roads like oh say anywhere on Seattle backroads. Hopefully Dave can nail down what’s wrong and we can fix it soon.

A couple of friends at work are riding up to Alaska in two weeks – one of them to the Yukon and the other up to Prudhoe Bay. They pinged me to ask if I wanted to go (yay short notice!) and I had to decline for the obvious reasons – I don’t own a big dual-sport anymore and I don’t have enough vacation to do a ride like that if I want to ride for a month in Europe this summer.  Part of me can dream though… I so miss Alaska…