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Day 4: Hello World

Or rather – creating the “Welcome” app in the Deitel & Deitel book. This was another code-free day (*sigh*) but I did get through Chapter 2 which involves learning how to use the Eclipse IDE to create a very basic app that displays some text and two images.

A summary of what I learned:
1. Using the Eclipse IDE. So far it is very similar to Visual Studio (although not as nice and feels a bit cramped).

2 Using the relative layout component.

3. Placing and customizing a textview control and two image controls.

4. Creating an accessible app by making sure all the components have text that can be read back if Android’s TalkBack feature is enabled.

5. Building a relatively simple app without writing a lick of code. This is what it looks like:





5. Creating a localizable app by separating the strings into separate resource files. Also, creating a Spanish version of the app.