Christchurch to Geraldine

77My second first day of riding dawned early. I took off at 8:30 AM and followed the same route as the day before, starting from Leithfield, passing through Rangiora and Oxford. I took the “scenic inland route” of Highway 72 which wound through the Canterbury Plains. I found myself occasionally wondering who named it that given that it passed through endless flat dry barren plains, a bit like the Palouse in eastern Washington after a long summer. Like the Palouse, the area is probably very beautiful in the spring when it is green for miles around but right now it was really dull and I was very bored. I was also still trying to get used to the weight and handling of the bike. After almost a year off of riding, my muscles were also trying to get used to this new position and exertion. The ride was uneventful and I made it to Geraldine at just about check-in time for the hostel.


Getting coffee in downtown Geraldine. With some ride-appropriate reading.


They call this a cabbage tree. You see a lot of these in NZ.


Walking by the river in Geraldine.

The room was fine, very basic but adequate. I shared with an Aussie gal who was driving around the island.  The next day would be a much longer day.


Home for the night.