What to pack for long motorcycle rides

This post depicts what I carry with me on long motorcycle rides. Since I like to travel lightweight, what is shown here is adequate for me for a multiple day ride as well as multiple week one, and I imagine a multiple month one too! I hope other riders find it useful.

First off, the luggage:
1. Cortech sport saddle bags: These are small and lightweight and can be slung across the seat. They sit high enough that they do not touch the exhaust, although you do have to be careful that they don’t slip down low.

2. Ortleib dry bag: All my camping gear goes into this. So if I decide that I don’t want to camp on a particular trip,  all my stuff fits into just the saddle bags. Packing light FTW! This bag sits on the seat behind me and is strapped down with Rok Straps.

3. Camelbak: This holds my water reservoir and goes on my back so that I can drink water while riding. If I’m using a tank bag, I nix the Camelbak and place the bladder in there instead.

4. Magnetic tank map holder: I’m not a huge fan of tank bags, so I usually prefer to use a magnetic map holder which sticks to my metal tanks. This won’t work for plastic tanks obviously.

Also pictured is a waist pack, which I did away with shortly after I had begun this ride. I found it way too cumbersome and uncomfortable to have around my waist while riding. Other riders seem to like these though!

What goes into all these bags? Here is a categorized list.



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