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Because this deserves to be reposted and carved in stone…

There is this myth that if you’re a woman traveling alone people will instantly want to kill you. This is an example of where you shouldn’t listen to anybody. So much of the way we live and the decisions we make in this world are based on fear. It’s amazing.

Sure bad things happen. They always have…

…And check it out – I highly doubt you’d find a traveler pumping you full of psycho-killer fear. No. Only people who stay at home and watch too much TV will pump you full of that shit. How the fuck do they know? Look at their doors: they probably have fifteen deadbolts and an alarm system to protect their rhinestone horse sweatshirts.

– Erika Lopez in Flaming Iguanas

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, , for the quote. Co-incidentally, this was one of the “birthday presents” I bought myself and now I’m really excited about reading it. :)