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Another day behind you can only be a good thing…

I got my leathers back and while they still seem a bit loose, they’ll have to do. Oh, and was today the worst possible day of the year to ride? It was pouring down rain on the way back, the roads were slick, and I lost grip at least once when I was being an idiot and trying to change lanes from a slow moving one, and almost rear-ended the car in front of me while doing a head check. Not to mention the blank moment I had while starting off in the morning and realized that I was trying to kick it into gear with my *right foot* and wondering why it wasn’t moving. WTF? *sigh* Some days I’m n00b enough that I should just park the bike and take the bus.

I’m meeting the owner of a 2002 BMW F650GS with farkles galore. If it checks out okay, I’m going to snap it up because I doubt a better deal will come along this summer and I don’t think I could find a better ride for Alaska. I loathe the color and wish it were red/black/silver but that’s what rattlecans are for, right?