Amed, Bali, Indonesia Jan04


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Amed, Bali, Indonesia


The taxi ride to Amed was uneventful. Luckily, the driver knew exactly where our next “hotel” was. This was yet another place that I was super stoked about. We had found it on Air BnB and it was a huge, incredible villa called Batu Tanngga, located on the edge of town with an incredible view of the sea.

It had looked beautiful in the photos but it was even more lovely in person! I think our jaws collectively dropped when we saw the view. :)

The staff was really lovely as well! For the first time, I could feel myself relaxing. Our rooms were enormous! From my room, I could lie in bed and look out at the sea. What a sight to wake up to! We unpacked and changed into our swimsuits super quick and got into the swimming pool. Our host brought us some fresh mango juices which he said were from mangoes that they had picked from a tree next to the villa! For a city girl, this was quite possible the most delightful thing I had heard! The juice was excellent. We sat in the pool for ages, looking out into infinity where the sky met the sea.

After we felt like were turning into prunes, we reluctantly got out and showered, and decided to go for a little walk. Our host offered to drop us off to town on his motorcycle (he called it that but it was really a scooter) and we had to refuse quiet a few times and assure them that we wanted to walk. And quite a nice walk it was! The road was lined with beautiful bougainvillea trees and the sea was always on our right. We passed locals who stared at us curiously and smiled back and responded when we said hello. Finally, a cool little non-touristy secluded part of Bali!

There were lots of little huts and tiny shops along the way. Men worked on the sides of the road painting a house or making up decorations for a festival that was to happen two days after. Children ran around and played on the street.

After we had walked a couple of miles, we turned around. We found a small “café” a little before our villa. And when I saw café, I mean an open air structure with a view of the sea. And free wifi. And coffee. Does a girl need anything more?


We connected to the wifi, logged in, and saw that our friends had landed and were en route to Amed. They would arrive in a couple of hours. We stayed in the café for a while and then went up to the house and requested dinner to be ready by 8.

8:00PM rolled around, they arrived, happy greetings were said and we all had dinner and retired. S. and I couldn’t wait to see what their reactions would be when they woke up and it was light enough out for them to see the view. :)