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I saw the hand surgeon this morning for the last time. I say last time because he gave me a clean bill of health, told me stop therapy completely, and not to ever come back. :) I still have to wear the splint on my right hand for about three more weeks, while riding and working out with weights, but outside of that, I am completely plastic-free.

My knee and the contusions on the lower leg are still inflamed and hurting though, even after 2.5 months. The inflammation in the leg is now hard and knotty, and no amount of heat and massaging seems to be helping. I’m going to give it a couple of weeks more, and go see a doctor if it’s still not budged.

I cancelled my spot for California Superbike School for this year, and will probably do it next spring. I simply do not feel well enough to get back out on the track yet, especially with still wearing my hacky glove over the splint, which would offer no protection in case of a crash. I also feel like it’d be a bit of a waste to do the school almost at the end of the season, with barely any trackdays left that I could do. Spring seems by far the best time to take this on.

I’m watching Long Way Round for the second time around and it’s still as amusing and enchanting as it was the first time. :)