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About Me

Hello, my name is Rashmi Tambe. I am a motorcyclist from Seattle living in the scenic Northwest state of Washington in the United States. This blog records my travels and bike-related musings.

Here are “4 interesting facts about me”. ;)

1. My day job is working as a software engineer at a Seattle based company. I love solving interesting problems, writing code, designing software and working with data.

2. I’ve been a motorcyclist for almost 9 years and I’ve owned and ridden many bikes during this time. I’ve ridden solo cross-country across North America and Europe. You can read more about my riding adventures here. I mostly ride street bikes these days and have ridden everything from cruisers to sport bikes to dual sports.

3. I am a freelance writer and have been published in the AMA’s official magazine American Motorcyclist. I am also a product reviewer for American Motorcyclist. Read some of my writings here.

4. I am a co-founder and treasurer of a non-profit which is Seattle’s first feminist hackerspace – the Seattle Attic. We are a woman-centric community workspace where Seattle-based geeks can get together to build things and learn from each other. If you live in the Seattle area and want to meet a group of friendly welcoming creative types, you should drop by and meet us on our open nights!

Photo by Lucia Sanchez for product review of VNM Gear for American Motorcyclist

I am available for freelance writing engagements and to speak about motorcycle travelling. You may reach me at