Home sweet home?

I’m back home in Seattle after a series of trans-continental flights. Trying to get adjusted to Pacific Standard Time and heading out now to do what I’ve wanted to do throughout last month – go get a big American breakfast. :P


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  1. @Thomas: Absolutely! I’m just trying to get my bearings now with being back home and going to work, but I think I should have something in a couple of days.

  2. I’m so glad you made it! :)
    Hope you will not be too disappointed when you look back – you were really really unlucky with the weather..I’m still very sad that we couldn’t meet. Next time (whenever..) it will work. There are a lot of small, gorgeous roads waiting for you in the Alps which the stupid GPS will never show you. :)
    And I think especially your Switzerland-experience wasn’t the best one… Something needs to be done about that! :P

    I hope you enjoyed your trip anyway and I wish you all the best for getting started again back home. I had a good time following your impressions – thanks a lot for sharing all that!

    Cheers from warm and sunny Switzerland (oops…),

  3. @Tobi: “Disappointed”?!!! Never!! I know I had bad weather, but I still did some fantastic roads. I’m going to dream about them for a long time. And yes, I have to come back. There is no way I could not return to the Alps.

    I wish we could have met too. :|

    Btw I made a post about the riding through Switzerland. It’s backdated so you will have to scroll down to see it. (Unless you read it already?)

    I’ll be adding some more missing entries, updated photos and a recap of the whole trip soon. :)

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