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Day 3: Successfully running test app

Today was another short day wherein I was able to get past all the issues of the previous day. The one thing I had set incorrectly in my configuration was to run Apps at API level 20. Since all the Deitel apps were built with APIs at level 18, they were crashing when I tried to run them. I fixed this and all was well! I successfully ran the Doodlz app on my machine and interacted with it just fine. I was able to run it on both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 emulators.

This is what an emulator looks like. (A lot like an Android device’s UI.) I was pleased to find that it responded to the¬†touchscreen monitor of my X1 Carbon laptop. It’s much easier and more natural to interact with it that way rather than using a mouse! I’m not sure what the buttons on the right side of the emulator do because I’ve never gotten them to work.


Here is an image of the doodle I made via the Doodlz app. It is reproduced exactly as shown in the book because apparently I have zero motivation to experiment and am just keen on moving to the real thing.


One thing to note: The emulator needs to be started up and left running. The startup time is very expensive compared to say starting up a real physical device. If you need to shut down your machine or re-start it to install updates, I recommend starting up all the emulators you need well before you need them.